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Old School Vs. Modern Video Production: What’s the Difference?



With the advent of the tech revolution, digital tools ultimately managed to replace most traditional production methods. Although old school shooting equipment is not obsolete, it is no match for modern video production.

Besides, modern video production tactics are efficient and cost-effective for involved parties. Over the decade, there have been many revolutionary changes in the professional production process. In many cases, you can still find remnants of old school approach in the modern production process.

But video marketing is a new paradigm, and businesses want to focus on digital distribution of content to drive growth. Besides, digital video production offers better optimization and control over the production process. 

  • Storyboarding and Scripting

When it comes to “what” you want to present to your target audience, storyboarding and scripting always take the spotlight. Traditional word-for-word scripting still exists, but now there are more nuanced and subtle approaches to storyboard and script a marketing video.

For instance, digital storyboarding allows multiple collaborators at different time and place intervals to collaborate. Consequently, it makes it easier for production agencies to deliver on time. In post-production, you can always incorporate b-roll footage with a relatively different script.

At its core, scripting video content with human flair and touch makes more sense. In fact, robotic and unemotional video marketing scripts are (almost) always non-responsive. It is no wonder more and more businesses and video production houses script videos that would entice the attention of their target audience in an instant.

  • More Shooting Methods

At its core, there is a limit to the traditional approach to conceptualize, shoot, and finalize a video project. Today, the composition of each frame matters. Whether it’s visual aesthetics or aspect ratio, you can roll out new changes in post-production at a moment’s notice.

The truth is that traditional video production is more of a pre-defined and pre-determined process. The modern production process, on the other hand, can be linear or non-linear. In fact, the broadminded video production companies in Sydney prefer to break creative boundaries. The manual approach had its perks, but the automated digital production process is more robust, efficient, and cost-effective.

  • Lighting

There is a wide variety of lighting tactics, and some even date back to the origin of cinema. But modern video production uses minimalist and warm lighting. Furthermore, modern cameras can adapt and optimize captured footage in various lighting conditions.

It is an automated approach that allows video production companies to shoot faster and cut costs at the same time. The traditional lighting approach is more subtle and simple. Artificial lighting, however, can be controlled and fill the dark spots automatically.

Although it depends on the project, project companies often opt for natural light to get a realistic look. Unlike the traditional approach, there is less focus on silhouettes in modern lighting. More intuitive reflectors and placement gear also allow the production crew to light with more confidence.

  • Editing

Some of the major advances in the modern video production process revolve around editing.  Whether it’s Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, or Adobe Premiere Pro, these advanced and comprehensive video editing programs have come a long way.

In fact, even how you trim and process the footage in the timeline now is more efficient. Professional editors at video production agencies use many tricks to improve the quality of the video. With reliable editing tools, production companies can also eliminate errors and ensure flawless video content.

  • More B-Roll Shots

Whether you realize it or not, there has been a massive shift in how production companies store their media data. Traditionally, it was unfathomable to store and process an ocean of data. Today, however, small SSDs with NAND memory technology can power thousands of gigabytes effortlessly. 

When you can accumulate, process, and review a lot of information without issues, you can save footage that ordinarily would’ve face deletion. B-rolls are not a new phenomenon, but tech now allows you to store additional footage that might come in handy in re-edits or re-shoots of a project.

  • Sound Editing and Mixing

Today, even a DIY video sounds like professionally edited and mixed content. And that’s because the technology to record sound has significantly advanced in the last few decades. Remote audio setup and on-site synchronization capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, there are now endless possibilities as to what you can do with the sound in post-production. Despite video style and type, you can count on professional video production companies in Sydney to use the most creative sound editing and mixing tactics.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s scripting, storyboarding, lighting, sound design, sound mixing, color grading, or other post-production elements, you can find a lot of differences between modern and conventional video production. As the technology continues to evolve, you can expect an even more progressive production approach and techniques in the foreseeable future. Get a video production quote here –

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